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ThinkSeries Leaders 2009 - Go Further

Samantha Au Young, HKUGA College
I am Samantha Au Young from HKUGA College, like my name SAM, S stands for Sports, A stands of Arts, M stands for Music. I am very enthusiastic in these three aspects. People describe me as an optimistic, talkative and energetic person.

No one is perfect, the same applies to me. I am afraid to stand on the stage, when I see every eye looking at me, I go shy and nervous. Thanks to the school for giving me quite a lot of opportunity to be up on the stage, I have already improved a lot. Nevertheless, I still want to develop my confidence about how to lead a successful program and how to draw attention from the audience without being so nervous. Therefore, I really treasure the opportunity to be part of this group and I will try my best to be a good leader.

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Chan Hiu Kwan Natalie, Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College
My name is Chan Hiu Kwan, Natalie. I am a F.5 student from Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College. I am an optimistic and highly self-motivated person. Also I have immense eagerness to try, learn and explore new things. I celebrate and appreciate differences between people, so I enjoy teamwork and interacting with others, I believe that builds my friendly and approachable character. Living a meaningful life, filling people around me with love and contributing to the world is my life-long goal.

It is my great pleasure to be one of the leaders in this programme. I would like to seize this very opportunity to broaden my horizons. I would very much like to improve my social and communication skills by cooperating and interacting with others in a variety of situations. Boosting my confidence is also something I want to achieve. I hope to expand and stretch beyond my comfort zone so that I can go into unexplored territory and try something I’ve never tried, just like being a 'Master of Ceremony' (MC) and speaking before a large audience. Most importantly, I hope to explore my unexplored potential and uncover my potential to be a great leader and begin my life-long journey to achieving a wider global perspective and become sympathetic to the needs of others around the world. I would like to embrace new cultural experiences as I mature.

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Chan Kwok Hei Kenny, S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School
It is such a precious opportunity for me to take part in this program. I am so grateful for being accepted to this thinking program, and believe this will certainly be a highlight in my school life. As a newcomer to the scheme, please allow me to do a bit of self-introduction here.

I am Kenny Chan, a F.4 student, from S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School. I am a vibrant person and also a deep thinker. I love reading since it can enrich my knowledge as well as sharpening my thinking skills. Apart from that, I am keen on interacting with others. I value cooperation and see it as a way to have problems solved through joint efforts.

When it comes to my expectation on this program, I would like to learn various leadership skills as well as boosting my confidence in public speaking. Through this program, I would have the chance to meet a multitude of people and this will brush up my communication skills as well as extending my social circle. Lastly, I would like to broaden my horizons and global vision through undergoing different kinds of training.

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Joyce Chin, St. Mary's Canossian College
Some say teenage girls look much alike, but I am quite sure that my positive attitude and laughter can differentiate me from others. Owing to this talent, I can always comfort others (and myself as well) even in adversary by viewing things in another perspective – there is always a way out. On top of being a cheerful girl, I am also a devotee of debating. Not only did it grant me a chance to put my communicative temperament in the right use, the diverse motions and short preparation time also trained me to take challenges more readily. All these have contributed to my admission to this programme.

When I knew that I was accepted into this programme, I literally felt thrilled for going to work with the other 19 bright teens in holding the award ceremonies. Although we have just met each other, I believe that we can cooperate well and astonish the public by our high caliber.

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Elaine Fung, Good Hope School
Hi everyone, this is Elaine, a F.4 science student from Good Hope School. You might know me as the outgoing, sporty girl who enjoys sports, socializing and meeting new people, or you might know me as the artistic girl who sketches, likes photography and reads a lot. Either way, I am always inspired by people around me and I aim at doing better than my best.

I feel like this programme would be an amazing opportunity for me to meet and work with people from different schools. I look forward to learning from all the training sessions and also my teammates, and in turn gain valuable experience.

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Ko Mai Sea Maisie, Good Hope School
Hi this is Maisie! The THiNKSeries Leadership Programme is highly rewarding and I am enjoying myself very much. People are nice and programmes are tight and exciting, I hope I can spend more time with my dear teammates!!

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Jocelyn Heng, Maryknoll Convent School
I am probably the loudest and wackiest person in the room. Although I am rather pragmatic at times, I have plenty of spontaneous moments too. I am an avid debater—it is also the only activity I have! I firmly believe in the principle of “Work hard, play hard”, so expect me to dive into things with zeal and dedication. During my spare time I enjoy reading and sampling various cuisines with family and friends—don’t expect me to cook though!

Having previously taken up roles as MC and event manager, I decided to broaden my scope by working in the Marketing Communications team. It is certainly a fun new experience and I am enjoying every single moment of it! I hope to gain insight into efficient press operations and effective communication. I’m sure the 20 of us will have a superb time during the programme; I look forward to further enhancing our team dynamics!

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Hung Po Shan Redpo, MFBM Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College
I have an unusual name REDPO but I am not an unusual student. I do not have any professional specialty but I have an indomitable spirit. I would not abandon if I have not tried my best. One of the reasons is that I have perseverance. For some difficulities, I would think of various methods to address them. I believe that everything comes true as long as you have patience. I am glad to be one of the young leaders and I know I need to learn more from the others. I wish I can build up my confidence, verbal skills, communication skills, and cooperation skills after participating in the leadership program.

For our 20 young leaders, we will have great time together and handle the difficulties together soon. I do believe what our trainer said ‘You are already a prince or princess.’ Let’s achieve our goals and shine on our stage!

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Kwan Chun Yiu Charles, St. Joan of Arc Secondary School
I am Charles Kwan, a Form 5 student coming from St. Joan of Arc Secondary School. I am surprised and glad to be one of the leaders in TH?NKSeries 2009 training programme. I believe that I am able to overcome all the difficulties through this programme due to my leadership and my in-depth logical thinking. Moreover, I want to further develop my leadership and broaden my horizons by working with other leaders. I hope this programme can provide all the leaders an opportunity to gain world exposure and learn how to work with different kinds of people. Finally, I am sure that this programme and those experiences are worthwhile and memorable to us.

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Cyrus Lai, La Salle College
I am a Form 6 student from La Salle College, I like to do fencing and chess, and I do quite well in them. I am very glad to be one of the 20 th?nk leaders this year. Through this programme, I get to polish my leadership skills, speak better in public, and overcome my stage fright. I am also able to meet many brilliant students from other schools, and we have learned a lot from each other.

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Lam Sze Ching Sharon, Heep Yunn School
Hi there! I’m Sharon Lam, a F6 student from Heep Yunn School. I am interested in a host of activities, varying from reading, writing, debating, music, drama (messing around in the backstage) to dancing, with the lamentable exception of sports. I’d like to think of myself as committed, inquisitive and ardent, although people who know me would probably describe me as talkative, noisy and with exploding passion. However, I can be insecure and prone to stage fright. One thing that’s certain though – I’m always willing to step out of my comfort zone and charge forward with zeal and enthusiasm. If I fall, I learn from my mistakes, patch myself up and continue to brave every obstacle with the same stubbornness and determination.

I like working with people a lot, which explains why I am here in the first place. The satisfaction of pulling off something I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do all by myself truly makes up for the sweat and tears. What I value most, however, is the friendship and trust gained through the winding course.

To be honest, working with 19 brilliant minds can be a pretty daunting experience. Yet this is a challenge I’m happy to embrace. In fact, I am having a lot of fun in this programme, which includes giving an impromptu presentation on a word I’ve never heard of before, and sending mass emails to a whole list of guests! I look forward to many more great moments with my new friends – like Clement says, we’re all “frogs in disguise”, waiting to become our very own Prince Charming!

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Lau Chin Wai Rebecca, Lai Chack Middle School
I am Rebecca, a Form 7 student from Lai Chack Middle School. I enjoy communicating with others because I do think that communication is important in our daily life. Be a thoughtful person and try to understand what the others are feeling is essential. Instead of communicating with others, I also like watching movie and cooking in my leisure.

Although I come from a CMI School, which is less beneficial than the students studying in EMI School, I have the passion in learning English. This programme not only provides me a chance to improve my proficiency in English but also strengthen my abilities in leadership, management, organization and communication. Better still, I can meet people from different social strata so as to broaden my social circle.

It is great to work with all the leaders, I am sure we will have a great show!

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Kevin Lau, Diocesan Boys’ School
Hi there this is Kevin Lau; I’m a F.6 student from Diocesan Boys’ School and I’m really excited to be here. I like a lot of things – ball games, singing, debating, reading, eating, blah blah blah – and though I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none, this didn’t stop me from getting all worked up over the TH?NKSeries Leadership program that I am fortunate enough to get into. What with all the new friends I’ll make, the skills that I’ll learn (such as press liaison, which really perked my interest!) and the chance to get to know some really bright professionals from all over Hong Kong, I’m sure that my time here will be a journey of discovery full of fun and joy. Let’s get going then!

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Lee Ming Chun Derek, St. Francis Xavier’s College
Hi there! This is Derek Lee, a F.6 student from St. Francis Xavier’s College. It’s indeed my honour to be selected as one of the participants of this leadership programme and I cherish this opportunity very much.

In fact, I’m an outgoing person. I love meeting new friends and facing new challenges. I’m not a person who’d give up easily and I enjoy the feeling of success after having made an effort.

In addition, I’m definitely a team player. I like to work with people and I strongly believe that often through collaborating with different people could one realize his weaknesses and learn from his mistakes. Needless to say that he could also learn plenty from his teammates.

At my leisure, I’d hang out with my family and friends. I enjoy spending time with them as they mean the world to me! I also like listening to music and watching movies. Western pop songs and thrillers are my very favourite.

Speaking of this programme, I would like to learn how to be a good leader and how to communicate more effectively with different parties. Moreover, I would like to learn how to manage my time better so that I can work under pressure and be able to juggle a couple of tasks at the same time. Apart from that, I wish I could improve my inter-personal skills and learn how to speak more confidently to a big audience. I’m sure this programme will definitely make me a better person!

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Lo Ka Ying Patricia, STFA Leung Kau Kui College
Hello. I am Patricia Lo (Ka-ying Lo), glad to be one of the 2009 leaders. I am a Form 6 science student studying at STFA Leung Kau Kui College. I like eating but unfortunately not good at cooking. I like debating but sadly not good at it. Though what I like is not always what I am best at, I truly enjoy what interests me and I hope to spread this positive way of thinking to people around me.

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Victoria So, Diocesan Girls’ School
Ola! I am Victoria So, a L.6 Arts student studying in Diocesan Girls’ School. In general, I can be described as an outgoing person who enjoys sports (gymnastics, orienteering) and adventure, but I also enjoy relatively quieter pastimes such as reading novels, literature and listening to music. Moreover, I love going out with my friends and spending time with my family, whom I consider to be integral parts of my life. My friends describe me as a bubbly person who takes to challenges and fun, while I see myself as an optimistic person who embraces life and all its wonders, laughing my way through all difficulties I encounter.

Initially, I hoped that through this programme, I would be able to better my leadership skills and hone my project management skills. However, I now wish to also widen my scope of knowledge by joining the Marketing Communications team, to be able to learn more about the press and the lesser known aspects of different events. Other than that, I believe that through this programme, I will be able to gain more friends and get to know other people, to broaden my horizons, to build up partnerships that would last for a long time and become a more global-savvy individual.

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Alex Tam, Diocesan Boys’ School
Salutations! I am Alex Tam, a sixth form student from Diocesan Boys’ School, and to be given the opportunity to shine alongside nineteen other fine individuals has been an honor. I have a passion for singing, reading and drama, all of which liven up my life, with occasional gaming sessions and watching of TV serials being drops of sunshine when I want entertainment.

From this program, I hope to explore a new realm of public correspondence by engaging myself in press matters, and gain experience in hosting, be it in the spotlight on stage or pulling of strings from below. With a group of mixed talents and vibrant personalities, I’m sure we’ll make up an awesome bunch; plenty of fun and happiness in store for all of us, and most of important of all, friendships that will live on for years to come. May the show begin.

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Ails Yip, Ho Fung College
I'm Yip Man Wa, a F.6 arts student studying at Ho Fung College. I love reading, especially Chinese and English novels as well as news magazines. When I find an interesting book, I can keep reading it 24 hour non-stop until i've finished it. Reading enriches my knowledge and stimulates me to always rethink on certain issues, like love, peace and the world. Besides reading, i like spend my leisure time with my family and friends. To them, i'm a quite optimistic, outgoing and talkative person. I'm often touched by how deeply they love me.

I'm honoured to have passed a highly competitive interview and become part of this programme. I get a chance to meet already execellent leaders from different schools and take lessons conducted by experienced and inspiring lecturers. Being with them helps better my leadership, project management, social skills which are necessary for tomorrow's leaders.

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Joyce Yip, St. Paul's Convent School
Meeting new people, travelling and experiencing the joy of life – that’s me, Joyce Yip.

I’m a student in Form 6 at St. Paul’s Convent School, I’m very passionate towards life. There are just so many things that I love to use to describe myself in words! I’m ecstatic because this programme allows me not only to enhance my communication and leadership skills, but also to be trained as someone who may represent Hong Kong in the future.

The world is great and I want to be great. That’s why I’m here.

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Kenneth Yiu, Shung Tak Catholic English College
Hi! I am Kenneth. I am a Secondary six student of Shung Tak Catholic English College. I love music, especially R&B and Jazz. Besides music, I really love funny things. I laugh hard at gags. Stand up comedy and American sit. com. are my favourite. I am outgoing and talkative but sometimes I will sit quietly at the corner of the room. Talking to people is fun, as well as sharing your happiness and sadness with them, but when I am alone, I like to think a lot. I think about everything around me. I think about current issues. I think about life. I think about God (or is there any?)...That's why philosophy and irony are also my interests.

I want to work with other talented students and gain experiences of holding huge events. Moreover, to equip myself with leadership skills, project managing skills... and as many skills as possible! I hope after I finish the programme, I will be a leader (or an independent and capable person) that work well with others to deal with difficult tasks in the more efficient way.

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Call for 2014 ThinkSeries Leaders.

Join 20 top students in Hong Kong to show your perspective to the world.

Collaborative Hands-on Experience (20 Nov 13- 30 May 14, Weekly)

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