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ThinkSeries Introduction

In the 21st century, the world is getting smaller and drawing us closer together. ThinkSeries connects, extends and challenges the perspectives of our next generation to become global citizens.

Through competitions (ThinkSeries Snapshot Competition and ThinkSeries Video Competition),we encourage our students to share their perspectives through snapshots and videos. ThinkSeries provides a platform to showcase our students’ vision, celebrates their innovative ideas, and ultimately cultivates a caring and great thinking generation through a journey of discovery.

Learning for Understanding

Learning for Understanding is a process inspired by Professor David Perkins, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University.

The enquiry process
is driven by a learner's own curiosity, wonder, interest, or passion to understand an observation or to solve a problem.

The process begins
when the learner notices something that intrigues, surprises, or stimulates a question—something that is new, or something that may not make sense in relationship to the learner's previous experience or current understanding.

The next step
is to take action through continued observing, raising questions, making predictions, testing hypotheses, and attempting to answer the enquiry.

The learner must find
his or her own pathway through this process.

As the process unfolds
more observations and questions emerge, providing for deeper interaction with greater potential for further development of understanding.

Along the way
the learner collects and records data, makes representations of results and explanations, and draws upon other resources and the expertise or insights of others.

Interpreting from the experience
requires observations, conversation, reflection, and the application of new concepts to other contexts.

All of these serve to help participants to construct and improve mental framework of the world.

Now it is time to go back and Think.


Call for 2014 ThinkSeries Leaders.

Join 20 top students in Hong Kong to show your perspective to the world.

Collaborative Hands-on Experience (20 Nov 13- 30 May 14, Weekly)

  • Meet with industry experts in innovation and product design
  • Create your very own technological innovation to make a better world
  • Learn and utilise different electronic platforms, such as crowd-funding, to support your innovative experience
  • Launch your creation at the Asia’s largest spring electronics show, the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) in 2014