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2012 Community Project

Hong Kong Blind Union Group

Hong Kong Parents Association

St James’ Settlement

Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Group

ThinkSeries Leadership
Hong Kong Blind Union Group


    Brian Chui, Sing Yin Secondary School

    Kelly Kong, Christian Alliance S. C. Chan Memorial College

    Albert Leung, Wah Yan College, Kowloon

    Pimpen Tu, Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)

    (1) E-textbook

    Through converting books, mainly textbooks and reference books into suitable e-file, or computer documents, it targets students with visual disabilities, to enhance the efficiency of learning and studying. We are supporting this project and currently helping as volunteers, learning basic skills and producing e-textbooks and other learning materials. We believe technical support and various services can ease the learning barrier of those with disabilities, and provide a platform for them to accomplish their academics.

    (2) Music Video

    The purpose of the video is to promote a fair society and to spread the word on the spirit of Hong Kong Blind Union what they strive for. We want to bring out a big picture, a message, a theme to the public, “We are different, but the same”. The music video will be using the organization’s theme song and is based on a story about the daily lives of a person with visual impairment and a person without. Emphasizing the concept and quality of equality, self-help and independence, we want to install the image that those that are visually disabled though are different with regulars physically, but they have the heart, the determination to handle their daily lives and difficulties like everyone else. And thus, we can socialize and treat them like normal friends. We intend the video be promoted through various media channels, uploaded onto Blind Union’s official website and other video sharing websites including YouTube.

    (3) Voices of Group Members

    Brian Chui, Sing Yin Secondary School

    I have been serving Blind Union(BU) to produce a MV promoting BU. Two month ago the BU’s official banned our plan of some programmes and asked us to focus on the MV. Therefore we held a lot of meetings to try our best to produce a superb MV. During Easter Holiday, our group recorded the theme song of BU, which was sung by our group. It was a special experience for us as I have never tried recording my voice haha. Next week we will start recording video of the MV and I hope it will be a great success!

    Albert Leung, Wah Yan College, Kowloon

    Personally, it has been a pleasure and honor serving for Hong Kong Blind Union. Though this task has its wavy moments, it pushed us to step up and overcome these obstacles.

    At present, having completed 15 pages of the textbook, though facing the screen, little tired, but it was surely worth it. From the bottom of my heart, I was happy. Producing e-books were not like other common services like holding service day programmes, selling flags etc. You do not face your clients directly, or talk to them. This task could be done as long as you have a computer and some spare time. Yet, not matter what nature of the work I do, in the end, it will be of some help to those I care for. As a student, I am blessed with a pair of eyes and all that I could have ever wanted to achieve in my academics and play, and thus want to alleviate their learning barrier as much as possible. Producing e-book is truly quite the experience!

    I truly aspire that the one step we have taken will drive the public to join in as well!

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