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Think Great Awards 2008 Finale

English Builder Think Great Snapshot & Hong Kong Top Achievers Awards Presentation Ceremony proved a great success. We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response, as shown in the quality and quantity of entries, numbering over 1,300 snapshot entries involving over 1,800 students from 80 schools.

We would like to express our gratitude to all guests, principals, teachers, students, and parents for the immeasurable support and encouragement given to the Think Great Snapshot Competition 2008. Your presence meant a lot to us.

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Sharing of Teachers & Students

Carmen Bat | Diocesan Girls' School

I would like to thank English Builder for organising such an awesome competition. It was great that I could take time from my busy schedule at school to contemplate society from different perspectives. I would like to especially thank all the staff at Wiseman Education who put in a tremendous effort into the preparation for the awards and the ceremony. When I started taking snapshots for the competition, I realised how the big and small things beside me can inspire me to probe deeper into the different aspects of the world. Thus, perhaps, the best way to spend this summer holiday is to sit back and reflect on some of the greatest lessons of my life...so far.


Ms Hau Man Wai | The HKTA Ching Chung Secondary School

"This writing competition is definitely a valuable experience to the entrants! Not only did it encourage teenagers to see writing as a useful tool to voice their thoughts but also provide a common platform for great thought sharing among teenagers. I do believe that students would find the whole event an absolutely worthwhile experience and even discover the beauty of their writings!"


Lee Cheuk Him Trevor | St. Francis Xavier’s College

Photography is always the attitude of photographers. Every photo has an unique story, which the photographer would like to tell everyone.

Think Great Snapshots Competition does us young photographers a great favour. It provides us an open stage to interpret and show people our thoughts and insights in photographs taken by ourselves.

I would like to thank Wiseman Education for always providing the young generation great opportunities to learn. I will surely join every TH?NKSeries organized by Wiseman in the forthcoming future.


Elaine Li | Melbourne Girls Grammar School

I was quite surprised that I got the award as there were so many outstanding entries. I would definitely participate again next year. I'd like to thank English Builder organizing this competition, and of course for the award.


Tse Chi-pang | The HKTA Ching Chung Secondary School

I was very happy to be given the Think Again award. I want to thank my parents, who supported me, and also my English teacher, who guided me.

What motivated me to write about 'Freedom'? Well, my friends often told me that they did not feel 'free'. However, to my mind, birds look free at all times. So, I wanted to let people know the feeling of being free, like a bird. That is the how I come up with the idea for my snapshot. Birds equal 'Freedom'.


Angeline Yeh  |  St. Paul’s Convent School

I was quite surprised that I got the award as there were so many outstanding entries. I would definitely participate again next year. I'd like to thank English Builder organizing this competition, and of course for the award.

Well, I feel very excited and happy about receiving an award and I am very surprised that my caption was chosen as the best in the competition out of more almost 2000 participants from almost 50 different schools. It is a very good motivation for students like me to join this activity and I'm sure that I will tell all my friends and family about this inspiring competition and give them an opportunity to strengthen their narrative and artistic abilities, not to mention their command of the English language.

I will definitely be participating next year because I believe in the positive effect of competition between students and I cannot think of any better way to learn how to improve myself than to be compared to students from all over Hong Kong. The trophy also looks very nice in my house!

The Think Great competition is a lovely idea to inspire Hong Kong's youth of today. The future generation will have more brainpower and inventive ideas to sustain our status as Asia's world city. However it would be nice if competitors were able to ask to compete in the Best Presentation award, by sending a video of themselves to the organiser, or posting it on Youtube, because I would have really loved to present my work in front of the judges but was not able to do so because of not being included in the shortlist ( what is actually the basis for picking photos for presentation award?).

English Builder is a great program and is THE most fun and innovative learning program of English I have ever used. It covers every aspect of English needed in daily life and always uses relevant and interesting topics as the basis for their exercises. However, there could be a greater emphasis on grammar, as of all the exercises I've done as of September 2007 only around two had grammar or technique-based questions.

All in all, I'm very happy to have been a part of this year's competition as well as a part of the English Builder-using family. I very much look forward to joining again next year.


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Sharing of Guests

Mr Michael Tsang  | Head of Treasury, Thomson Reuters

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Mr. Chris Walton | Photo Editor, South China Morning Post Multimedia Producer, SCMP.com

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