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Think Again Awards Finale 2008

National Geographic Channel Think Again Awards Presentation Ceremony proved a great success. The organisers and student leaders wish to thank all participants principals, teachers, students, and parents for giving their colossal support to this event.

Thanks to EACH entrant, we think again about pressing local & global issues that should matter dearly and deeply to us. It's their unbeatable spirit & resourcefulness that makes them true WINNERS!

You aspiring students out there, get set for the Think Again Documentary Making Competition 2009!

You can now view all documentaries produced by our students on Think Again Awards YouTube Channel.

Photos Highlights

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Sharings of Students


Queenie Cheng, HKUGA College

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." -- Greg Anderson

Being both a leader and participant was a challenging and exciting role. This is my second year participating in this competition. Each year I have gained very different learning experiences.

At the end of the ceremony, I realized that winning an award was not the most important part of the competition. It was the process. When our group worked together well as a team, it was brilliant. Also, the everlasting friendships we made were unexpected.

I would like to congratulate all the participants who had the courage to join this competition, and regardless which award you received, you're still all winners. Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who watched and appreciated the effort we put into making the video - we hope we have made you - Think Again!


Debbie Cheung, St. Paul's Convent School

As a participant and winner of the Think Again Awards, I think that this competition is really worth joining. I learnt and gained so much experience through making a documentary with my team mates. If possible, I would like to join this competition again next year.


Carmen Ho, Janice Chow Alison Lam, Danielle So,Diocesan Girls' School

Taking part in this competition has truly broadened our horizons and made us think again. Our friendship was developed during the process of creating this documentary, and we greatly cherished every minute of it. All in all, this was a most memorable experience to all of us, and we hope more of you have learnt something about Cantonese Opera---the one true art of the Chinese.


Law Ka Chun, Steve, S.K.H. Li Fook Hing Secondary School

I am indeed very honoured to be invited again as one of the judges for this meaning award program.

This year, my friends and I joined the Think Again Awards 2008 organised by the National Geographic Channel and Wiseman Education. It is a documentary making competition which consists of three different topics. Our team made an 11-minute short-movie on the topic – Science, technology & Environment, and we titled it as Mobile Phone & Communication. We are delighted that we actually won the Think Again Award, which is one of the top prizes of the competition.

During the production process we learned so much. For example, we realized that producing a creative and informative documentary is not an easy job; the directing, editing and filming process are all crucial elements. Time management was also important. We had to manage our schoolwork and prepare for the A-level exams. Good team work helped us with our schedule and we all achieved our study goals.

As we have never made a documentary before, it was a new challenge and a great opportunity for us. I enjoyed participating in this competition greatly. Unfortunately, we have to take more A-level exams next year and will never have another chance to take part in it again. However, it will remain a remarkable memory for me and will stay in my heart eternally.


Leung Wai Fung, Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School

What can you do for the world? If you want to arouse the public awareness on some issue, I strongly suggest that you can join the Think Again Awards. It provides you a chance to show your feeling. Let’s join again next year!


Ling Chi Ho, Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School

It was a golden opportunity for us to learn how to express our feelings and it provided us a room for reflection. We hope students’ creativity will be enhanced by joining the competition!


Pau Wing Yan, Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School

It is my honor to take part in the Think Again Award. It was a good chance for us to think more about our society and culture. We all think that we should make more observation around us. Let’s wake up more people to concern about our society and culture.


Wong Ching Man, Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School

It is proud of me to win this award. We make “Smile” as the theme of our documentary as we would like to address the relationship between us becoming estranged. We hope people will be aware of this problem since our families and friends are so important to us. We should treasure them.

I think this competition can provide a chance for the students to share what they think of the world.

It is a good way for us to know what problems we have.


Wong Sik Yin, Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School

It is a good opportunity for us to present our view and feeling to other people. When sharing the feeling with others, we can arouse an awareness of relationship. Like our topic "To smile or not to" which wants people to pay attention to their attitude in daily life. The busy lifestyle makes us feel bored and tired. Sometimes we may ignore others. Actually we just give a smile or say "Hello!" to your neighbor or the one you see every day but never talk. A simple action really can make a good response. May be you can think that it is a good start.

Also I would like to thank my group members who tried their best to make this document perfect especially Anthony Ling. You are the best. I was surprised when I heard that we won the prize. I am so happy that our view was supported by the adjudicators.


Xu Chan Ling, Fan Shu Yao, Luo Wen Qi, Wang Qin Yuan, Suzhou Lida School

It's wonderful to show the beauty of Suzhou to the people in Hong Kong. We learned a lot during making the documentary. It's our great honor to get 'the Best Editing Award'. Hong Kong is such a beautiful place, and we will never forget our trip there when we attended the Think Again Awards Ceremony.


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Sharings of Principals & Teachers


Mrs. Grace Kwok, School Principal, MFBM Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to participate in the 2008Think Again Awards Ceremony. Throughout the process, I learnt, I earned and I enjoyed. I hope I could have brought along all my students to enjoy the whole scene and learnt from all the Think Again Leaders who were so confident and proud of themselves.

Heartful thanks again for giving the platform for students to shine and show their talents. Without such caring company and people like Wiseman Education, Hong Kong’s education would not be so lively and memorable. Lastly, all the best wishes to your continuous development towards the provision of excellent programs to students of Hong Kong, Asia and the future world!


Ms. Joyce Wong, English Panel Chair, Yan Chai Hospital No. 2 Secondary School

I am so proud of my students that they won an award again in the Think Again Documentary Making Competition 2008. I truly appreciated their pursuit of perfection during the process. Their drive, enthusiasm and vigor really impressed me. This competition provides our students with a golden opportunity to explore things from different perspectives and inspire their thinking. I will encourage my students to partake in it again next year.


Mr. Remy Wong, English Panel Chair, STFA Leung Kau Kui College

I am glad to see our school’s two young leaders shine in the Think Again Leadership Programme 2008. It’s indeed an eye-opener for them, sharpening their leadership, communication and organizational skills. Well done boys! And for the participants of the Think Again Documentary Making Competition 2008, I am sure every one of them is a winner as they have developed new insights and perspectives in cultural awareness, global knowledge and various aspects of documentary production. Many thanks to Wiseman Education for organizing these educational events for our students!


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Sharings of Organisers


Mr Clement Chung, Wiseman Education

To every student who has completed a documentary: your documentaries show us your ability and potential. People say students are our future; I say they are our present!

By participating in this event, students are actively engaged in enquiry learning through: planning, research, role playing, writing, using technology, and presenting. Their passion drives this learning activity. The novelty of new contexts and ideas raises not just their curiosity and interest but ours as well.

Thank you to fellow teachers and principals who lead us right. Thank you to our co-organisers, Education Bureau, National Geographic Channel and Hong Kong Parents Association for believing in dreams.


Mr Yeung King Fai, Senior School Development Officer, Education Bureau

The Think Again Awards is a great event for the education sector. Our students learn a lot from the event, from research, script writing, problem solving to presentation. The success of this event illustrates that our students are creative and capable. We appreciate the contribution from the Wiseman Education and the co-organizers for making the event a success.


Mrs Kitty Ma, Hong Kong Parents Association

I enjoyed much to attend the ceremony and I am very happy to see those awarded young leaders again. They all have got big improvement in social skills and self-confidence throughout the training. The project is meaningful to carry on. It's my pleasure to THINK AGAIN next year.


Madam Lau Shun Hing, Hong Kong Parents Association

I am indeed very honoured to be invited again as one of the judges for this meaning award program.

This year's entries contents are so extremely creative and of very high standards. As a parent, I am amazed by the imagination and the excellent production skill of the students. Some of them, to my observation, are closed to professional standard.

From these creative works, it shows that our young generation’s life is colourful and enriched. This is what I appreciated most. Furthermore, through the whole production process, they had the opportunities to learn and train themselves to tackle all the difficulties they had encountered. This will certainly train them to solve a lot of their problems which they will face during their life in future.


Ms Reddy Chan

"Think Again Award" is a wonderful and meaningful programme. It is because students can learn and do things together for the project. Throughout the project, the students can improve their social skills, observation skills and build up their self-confidence as well. I enjoy it very much and I will recommend this activity to others.


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