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ThinkSeries Leaders' Sharing

Anthony Chan, Diocesan Boys' School

This morning after the ThinkSeries Awards Ceremony concluded, my head is throbbing, ruminating these months I have spent in the ThinkSeries Leadership Programme 2010. Since the start of the ambitious post-90s campaign, I have embraced an array of alien activities – writing a press release, being scrupulous about what to say, handling the anarchy of the stage…New horizons, new perspectives, new experience: these mark the conclusion of this rewarding programme.

Dreams have been dashed, and new dreams created, amorphous though they are. As I learned to cope with the realities of the world during this programme, my dreams of the future continued to be refined and fine-tuned: this world is no longer one that contains only my wild raging fantasies, but one filled with people; and to attain success, one must learn the skills of coordinating with different individuals, each with their own views, their own horizons. This is the lesson.

I have completed my duties, some painful, others rewarding. I have finished one page of my life, and I must turn overleaf, waiting in excitement what lies in store. And each time I turn the page, I grow up, and bit by bit I acquire the wisdoms of life. Let us all proceed with our lives, as individuals, as leaders, to see what destiny has in store for us!

I really learn from you all.

Cheryl Chan, PLK Mrs Ma Kam Ming Cheung Fook Sien College

Life is never easy. Not only do we need to deal with different kinds of people, but also piles of challenges. Yet with the efforts of the leaders, we have had a great performance on stage. In the past few months, I have met many people from various fields and I do learn a lot from them. We really can't get these experiences from the text-books. Hopefully, we can all make use of the experiences and brighten our future.

Judy Chu, Yew Chung International School

Six months ago, I was a year 11(form 5) kid, convinced that she is incapable to handle working like adults do. I still remember that when we first met, I thought we were given an impossible mission. Six months later, having been through this leadership program, I am still the year11 girl who can't hold her laughter, but is now more prepared for the real world. I learnt more about myself from the other leaders, and I also realized that leadership is much more than I first thought. All the skills we learnt, are "outside the box working experience". I am very glad that I was chosen as one of the the ThinkSeries Leaders of 2010 and had the chance to work with 18 of my teammates.

ThinkSeries Leaders, I am proud of you all. We all worked very hard, taking the initiative of taking the extra step to work with other teams, of making this happen. I must use the opportunity here to say sorry to the Wiseman staff - we always went overtime, so they had overtime sessions - a big thank you to you all. Now, we are not just working partners, but also close friends -- "I hope our friendship would last till the end"

Although this program was scheduled alongside with our busy schedules and my IGCSE exams, I will never regret for spending so much extra time working on videos and getting involved. Unlike other leadership programs, ThinkSeries is a golden opportunity to excel oneself and to reach a higher level of leadership skills. These are truly one in a life time experiences and more will be learned in the process than ever imagined.

May I wish you all good luck in your life's journey ahead.

Isaac Ho, Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School

It has been half a year, since we met, since we gathered, and since we began our journey. This will certainly be one of the most remarkable days throughout my life, as I wholeheartedly enjoy the time working with you. We were from different schools, we had different backgrounds and we shouldn’t have known each other, but now an unbreakable bond is built between us. Thank you friends, thank you for backing me up along the way and I couldn’t have done this well without your support.

The opportunity given by Wiseman to us to organize our own event is surely valuable. It does really professionalize me and enriches my knowledge .Also after being trained by several professional trainers, I have learned how to be innovative and think out of the box. It’s important for leaders not only to follow, but to create!

Moreover I must thank the Wiseman staff for giving us so much support! As what told by them they are actually VOLUNTARY, but still they paid so much effort and sacrificed their precious time. A thousand thanks to you!

It seems that everything has ended but this is actually when our journey begins. As what our theme song says, “I wish our friendship will last til the end.” May our friendship really last forever! 

Vivien Ko, Diocesan Girls' School

Throughout these months, we have gone through intensive trainings so as to equip ourselves and to organize such an enormous event. We have discussed about the necessary qualities a leader should possess and were all confident enough to host a ceremony.

Surprisingly, a week before the ceremony, nothing was ready and we never had a full rehearsal done. At that point, our team was nothing but chaos. Though time was short we could never postpone the ceremony.

After the ceremony, I found that theories are always different from real life situations and even professors can never teach you everything. The last and only solution is to have faith in ourselves and we did it. Our team is now in a state of organized chaos! J

Jackie Lai, Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)

What have I got from this programme? Apart from having my mailbox bombarded by uncountable emails and sacrificing a considerable amount of sleep, I have to admit that I learned quite a lot. In fact, I learned so much that all these inconveniences seem trivial comparatively. Surviving deadlines and dealing with communication problems were no easy tasks. But encountering unexpected changes simply gave me a heart attack. Nevertheless, through all these challenges, especially those frustrating ones, I acquire useful skills in leadership and communication, invaluable experiences and more importantly, true friendship with the other leaders. And, I am really thankful to Clement, Winnie, Eric and Wiseman staff who have been very helpful throughout the programme.

And, we did it. We have shine on stage, just as we will shine in life as a committed and devoted post-90 and leader.

Andrew Lam, Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

It is not uncommon to find that most leadership enhancement courses offer trainings from a third person objective where mentors are assigned to impart earnest and heartfelt wisdom to the students. ThinkSeries program takes a different approach. All participants are their own tutors and they learn from their own clunkers and blunders. During this process, one may also understand oneself more. I personally rediscovered my passion in program directing. I also unearthed my inherent passion as a post-90’s to share my jubilance with my peers. I have a stonking brill journey here with my 18 comrades. If you want to share the joyful experience that I have had, come and join the ThinkSeries family!

Annie Lam, Po Leung Kuk 1984 College

In the half of the year, we pay all of our patient and gain happiness .I never dream that I can become a leader of leadership Programme 2010 it is quite unbelievable .However I did it!

During the programme, although we need to give up some of our study time for learning the skills of holding a ceremony, we gain that more we had pay such as friendship and leadership! Just like the lyrics wrote by Rosa” our friendship would last till the end”. If all the things become once again I will do it again!

ThinkSeries Leadership Programme is an unforgettable experience of my life!

Rosa Lee, St Francis' Canossian College

This year’s theme for the competition is “Faith”. To me, faith is a gift for everyone. People from all walks of life, no matter rich or poor, healthy or weak, hold faith when they start to believe in themselves or even in anything that they encounter. Faith is a magical power that gives us strength and motivates us to strive on, especially during difficult times. I am glad that I have developed faith through organizing this ceremony. I am especially grateful to the ThinkSeries Leaders this year, who are now my friends and learning partners. It’s never easy for teenagers at our age to take up such a challenging yet meaningful task. But we finally did it, and we did it because we are a group of post-90s, who are with enthusiasm, determination and most importantly, with faith. Because of faith, we dare to dream, and we turn our dream into action, to organize a ceremony that recognizes the achievements of all outstanding post-90s here, at the same time demonstrate the power and determination of us, the post-90s.


Jesse Leung, STFA Leung Kau Kui College

It has been the biggest day of the year to me.

The first time I talked over matters so seriously on phone, The first time I checked my e-mail so frequently, The first time I dealt with so many changes right before deadline...

Once you started doing,

you are learning, disregarding age limits.

It counts as a tiny step closer to the adulthood and workspace:

Learning by doing.

So I take this chance to thank all the ThinkSeries trainers, leaders for having me here.

There were ups and downs, but after this big day, I will never regret skipping lessons to make friends with all the 18 capable leaders and the ThinkSeries big family.

Raphael Ngai, Sing Yin Secondary School

‘We can do it!’ The US State Secretary Hillary Clinton had once told the Americans in her election campaign.

The feeling of shining on stage was excellent. It was out of my expectation! We were willing to pay time and heart to prepare the ceremony. Our efforts and passion gained the smile and pleasantness of the guests, we were fully contented.

Without the cooperation of the other 18 comrades and staff members, I could never do my part well. Without the support of the School, the Principal and my English teachers, I would never have the chance to try the taste of success.After the last day of April, this long journey of leadership training is nearly over. I will always remember the happiness on our ‘graduation day’.

Stephanie Smith, HKUGA College

Yes, we’ve made it!

Six months ago we were a bunch of students that were unfamiliar with each other. Now, we are more than teammates, we’re friends. Working with 18 other people of different personalities and backgrounds was an eye opening experience. I have never expected myself to take up so many important tasks at this point, and to have deadlines become a part of my life. Engaging myself in press matters, design and editing work has allowed me to step into the shoes of a real business person, to learn about facing everyday challenges and tackling difficult tasks.

Making mistakes in the process of learning is definitely inevitable. I would like to thank all the facilitators, staff, past and present leaders for their patience and care. Without your support, our ‘graduation’ would not be such a success.

Despite a few sleepless nights and a never empty email inbox, I am proud to say that this has been an eventful journey and a highlight in my life.

Violet Wu, Diocesan Girls' School

Over the past few months, I have learnt valuable MC skills and made many friends through attending the training sessions offered by the ThinkSeries leadership programme. The enriching experience remains invaluable and memorable to me. By working with 18 other talented leaders, I managed to broaden my horizons as well as my social circle. Through interacting with my teammates and learning from the many talks given by coaches and professionals, I have become more confident when facing strangers and speaking in public. I was actually shining on stage during our graduation!

Apart from that, I have realized that what we regard as 'difficulty' now is just the tip of the iceberg, for we will face much more challenging tasks when we enter society as an adult; the ThinkSeries leadership program serves as a platform for us to experience some of the challenges we will face in the future, prompting us with different ways to prepare for them and overcome the barrier.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the trainers for equipping us with the different traits required to prepare us for future's society. Last but not least, I would like to thank you, my fellow leaders, with all my love. Without your hard work, our graduation would not have been a successful one - here's to our everlasting friendship!

Annie Yu, St. Mary's Canossian College

Shine on stage. Yes we, 19 ThinkSeries Leaders, did it and the cheer of solidarity and faith droned through the wall of my heart.

I feel proud and glad to be one of the ThinkSeries leaders, who are with innovative ideas, with different talents, with goals and with FAITH. We attended professional training sessions to polish our communication skills, project management skills, presentation skills and press liaising skills. We did a lot of preparation before the ceremony and worked efficiently under the pressure given by the tight schedule. It is never easy to hold a ceremony but with faith, we achieved our goals. We believe that the Post-90s will share the same success – to have global perspective, innovative minds and be a caring generation.

On my own, I can fly, high above, in the sky…

We composed and performed our theme song. The moment with all ThinkSeries Leaders will never be forgotten. Our mutual support for each other has strengthened our bonding. We buried our heads in loads of work together with laughter and tears. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards the ThinkSeries Committee for giving us a lot of helpful advice and help.

Although the ThinkSeries Leadership Programme 2010 has come to an end, we will have another journey full of obstacles in the future and we believe that we will continue to shine and to lead. Let’s join our hands together to welcome a new start and make the world a better place.

With faith with live, higher summits we seek.

Tom Yuen, Wan Yan College, Kowloon

People won’t grow unless they are willing to. Chances always come before we notice that, and we rarely get another once we miss it. ThinkSeries Leadership Programme is a chance for students to get to know more about themselves. Everybody can shine on stage, which I guess would be the slogan of the programme.

Think big and do it, all leaders enjoyed dreaming big and we did it. We took our chances, grew up and changed because we are willing to do so!

Half a year ago, when we passed through the tough interview and met each other, we stepped forward to grow. Believing in yourself, dream big and do it! Never say IF, IF is meaningless unless we step forward.


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